"Advancing the Profession" - Personal Contribution


Since our inception, the New Jersey Municipal Management Association (NJMMA) has focused on addressing many individual and specific topics that have impacted our profession. In doing so, many times we have had to hire experts to support our efforts. The NJMMA Executive Board has established a separate fund to support the costs associated with these professional service ex-penses, as the association decided that it was inappropriate to use membership dues, which are commonly paid through municipal funds. As a recent example of the type of expenses that this fund would cover, NJMMA is currently working with the Government Finance Officers Association, the League of Municipalities, and other affiliated organizations to analyze the “Road Map to Res-olution”, the report of the New Jersey Pension and Health Benefit Study Commission. This type of work may require an actuarial analysis and other professional assistance. Fund allocation is deter-mined by a roll call vote of the NJMMA Executive Board and all expenditures are reported to the full membership on a quarterly basis.

Please consider a donation of at least $50 to assist the NJMMA in “Advancing the Profession”, now and in the future.

Contributions may be mailed to NJMMA, c/o Rutgers - Center for Government Services, Suite 604, 303 George Street, New Brunswick, New Jersey 08901.

The NJMMA Executive Board thanks those who have contributed to the “Advancing the Profession Fund”.

Theresa S. Casagrande

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