AAA Credit Rating - The Golden Designation - Presentations

S&P Global Ratings has established an analytical methodology that evaluates established and ongoing management practices and policies in the seven areas most likely to affect credit quality.

Medians and Credit Factors: NJ Local Governments - S&P Global Ratings (Timothy Little & Danielle Leonardis)

Recruitment and Selection Advisory Service

The Administrator or Manager Recruitment and Selection Advisory Service is a joint service offered by the New Jersey League of Municipalities in cooperation with the New Jersey Municipal Management Association (NJMMA).  Click on the Services tab in the top menu to read more about this service.

NJMMA Position Paper - Property Tax Levy Cap Reform

Click here to view the position paper.

The NJMMA Position Paper on the proposed Tax Levy Caps was filed with and copies given to all Committee members on June 24, 2010 of both the Senate and Assembly Budget Committees.

It is important that everyone try to educate their elected officials on the impacts of the competing Christie versus the legislative proposals. Hopefully the position paper provides the information that can assist you in this process.