The New Jersey Boroughs of Bay Head and Point Pleasant recently came together in a Shared Services Agreement for Administrative Services under Administrator Frank Pannucci Jr., MPA, QPA. Under the agreement, Pannucci will serve both boroughs as their respective Municipal Administrator.

The state of New Jersey often encourages municipalities to share services with other local entities, as part of efforts to reduce overall costs and improve services to residents. Benefits of this unique arrangement include shared networks and the open exchange of knowledge and ideas between municipalities, while sharing financial weight and, in this case, a readily available and accomplished administrator among the two boroughs.

Pannucci is a graduate of Seton Hall University where holds both a Master’s Degree in Public Administration and a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science. He also holds a Qualified Purchasing Agent certification from the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs’ Division of Local Government Services.

“This is an amazing opportunity. A shared service means both municipalities are ultimately saving money by sharing the position while gaining unique knowledge and new opportunities through mutual cooperation,” Pannucci said. “Both towns have the opportunity to keep their local identity, but at the same time save taxpayers money in areas where certain services are duplicated. Bay Head has a great group of elected officials that operate as a team, much like Point Pleasant, and I’m truly grateful to be the connection between these two great municipalities.”

Mayor Sabosik of Point Pleasant Borough, in a press release announcing the agreement stated, “This is a true partnership with two neighboring towns that have a rich history and unlimited potential with further cooperation and sharing and with Mr. Pannucci, we have a great Administrator who is more than up for the challenge. A Shared Service for municipalities pools resources, maintains (And in this particular case increases) levels of service and reduces overall costs.”

Mayor Bill Curtis of Bay Head echoed those statements and added that “We know Mr. Pannucci well and we know what he’s accomplished with Mayor Sabosik and Point Pleasant’s Council. With a Shared Service, we are not just sharing an Administrator, we are sharing both towns’ entire networks and knowledge. There are 565 municipalities in our State, it’s time towns start sharing more resources to curb property tax growth in New Jersey.”

Both Point Pleasant Council President Antoinette DePaola and Bay Head Council President Doug Lyons agree that this is an incredible opportunity for both towns.

“Municipalities across the State, especially smaller ones here at the Jersey Shore, don’t do enough with each other,” DePaola said as part of a press release announcing the agreement. “There are multiple missed opportunities to share financial burdens for necessary positions and more importantly, there are missed opportunities to learn from one another and grow professionally to better serve our residents.”

Frank Pannucci Jr. has been the Point Pleasant Borough Administrator since 2015, and added Bay Head Administrator to his resume in July under the new Shared Services Agreement.