Help Us Help You through the Advancing the Profession Fund

Advance the Profession

Since our inception, the New Jersey Municipal Management Association (NJMMA) has focused on addressing many individual and specific topics that have impacted our profession. In doing so, at times our association has opted to hire experts to support our efforts. With the support of our members, the NJMMA Executive Board has established the Advancing the Profession Fund to support the costs associated with these professional service expenses. This separate fund is necessary, as it is inappropriate to use annual membership dues to fund these expenses, because those dues are commonly paid through municipal funds.

Please keep in mind that when our association needs to take action to protect our collective membership and/or our profession, it is important to have funds already in place to enable us to act in a timely manner.  Examples of the type of expenses that this fund would cover include: direct lobbyist fees, special counsel fees, actuarial analysis, and other professional assistance, as needed. Fund allocation is determined by a roll call vote of the NJMMA Executive Board and all expenditures are reported to the full membership on a quarterly basis. Please consider an annual donation of at least $50.00 to assist the NJMMA in “Advancing the Profession”, now and in the future.

Please consider a donation of at least $50 to assist the NJMMA in “Advancing the Profession,” both now and in the future. An online form is available by clicking here, or a fillable and printable form can be found here. Mail contributions to NJMMA, c/o Rutgers - Center for Government Services, 303 George Street, Suite 604, New Brunswick, New Jersey 08901. Please mark contributions with “Advancing the Profession Fund” in the memo line.

The NJMMA Executive Board thanks those who have contributed to the Advancing the Profession Fund in 2018, including:

Thomas Atkins

Neal Bellet

Thomas Carroll

Theresa Casagrande

Robert Casey (2017 & 2018)

Matthew Cavallo

Raymond Codey

Christopher Cotter

Joseph D'Arco

Joseph DiGlacomo

Thomas Duch

Robert Elia

Anthony Ferrera

Alan Fisher

Robert Freudenrich

Cheryl Fuller

James Gildea

George Haebauer

David Hollod

Gregory Hart

Robert Hoffmann

Adam Hubeny

Jesse Landon

Stephen Loiacono

Douglas Marvin ($100)

Perry Mayers

Peter Miller

Steven Neale

Tomas Padilla

C. Richard Paduch

Marc Pfeiffer

Denise Rose ($100)

Thomas Russo

Joseph Sabatini

Barbara Sacks

Lawrence Spellman

Jewel Thompson-Chin

Donna Vieiro

Joseph Verruni

Matthew Watkins

Patrick Wherry