NJMMA Annual Past Presidents Dinner Elicits Good Times and Fond Memories

Each year, the Past Presidents of the New Jersey Municipal Management Association gather to celebrate each other, exchange stories (both old and new) about times in government service, and to strengthen the bonds among the organization’s leaders that foster friendship and a robust exchange of insight and ideas on local government. 

The 2019 dinner, held October 24 at Buona Sera Ristorante in Red Bank, NJ, brought together 16 past presidents, including:



  • Bob Freudenrich (1979)
  • Harold Klein (1980)
  • Rich Deaney (1981)
  • Bert Kendall (1982)
  • Charles “Chuck” Tahaney (1986)
  • Greg Fehrenbach (1987)
  • George Haeuber (1995)
  • Tom Atkins (1997)
  • Jim White (2003)
  • Joe Verruni (2008)
  • Jasmine Lim (2009)
  • Kelly Cupit (2011)
  • Tom Carroll (2015)
  • Donna Vieiro (2017)
  • Theresa Casagrande (2018)
  • Matthew Watkins (2019)

While she could not attend, Angela Grillo (1989), reflecting on her life, her current surroundings, and her experience in local government, had this to say on the occasion of the past president’s gathering:

I am happy to report that I am well and have celebrated my 93rd birthday. I moved from LA to Chapel Hill, NC almost two years ago. I like living here. It's interesting, has natural beauty, and after LA, I'm luxuriating in the abundance of tall trees – with leaves that turn color in the fall.

What impressed me most and continues to do so is a pervasive culture of kindness. There is always a hand to open a door, or offer a pleasant word. If this is Southern hospitality, I fully endorse it.

I am fortunate to have been in local government in a less stressful time, when national politics only occasionally slid over to municipalities. But as is said, “this too shall pass.” My best wishes to all for a successful and pleasurable time at dinner.

Angela Grillo (1989)


Pictured in the photo above are (Seated, L-R) Bob Freudenrich, Theresa Casagrande, Kelly Cupit, Jasmine Lim, Tom Carroll, (Standing, L to R) Bert Kendall, Matthew Watkins, Greg Fehrenbach, George Haeuber, Donna Vieiro, Tom Atkins, Joe Verruni, Harold Klein, Jim White, Rich Deaney, Charles “Chuck” Tahaney, and Tom Kenny (Staff).