Spring Conference Roundtables Cover Important Topics Facing Municipalities

NJMMA Spring 2019 Conference -- Roundtable Session

At this year’s Spring Conference, members of the NJMMA participated in a session of roundtable discussions on issues facing today’s New Jersey municipalities. The goal of the roundtables was to allow members to share best practices and participate in general working conversation on topics that can help municipal managers and administrations better their own skills while enhancing operations in their municipalities. Session attendees had the opportunity to speak with one another regarding issues that matter to them and their towns.

Led by NJMMA President Matthew Watkins and Vice President Alexander McDonald, those who attended the session split into three groups to discuss three separate topics – storm water utility, liquor license laws and wage hour rules. These mini-roundtable sessions allowed the managers to discuss issues and best practices that can help managers better operate in their municipalities.

“The session provides a unique opportunity for management professionals to take a deep dive into prime topics that are of significant consequence to municipalities,” said Watkins. “It provided the chance for these industry colleagues to directly learn from each other in small interactive groups. Often, we find that an issue in one municipality already happened somewhere else, providing the perfect learning opportunity."