Welcome to the NJMMA Member Dispatch! A Message from Theresa Casagrande, NJMMA President

Dear NJMMA Members,

On behalf of the Executive Board, I am pleased to unveil NJMMA Member Dispatch, a newer and more interactive online newsletter, which replaces our traditional newsletter format. Starting with this issue, members will receive a broadcast email with the overview of the newsletter, where you can simply click on the links in the email that interest you to reach the full text of the article on the NJMMA website.

The Dispatch is designed to be attractive and functional, serving to enhance communication to and among our members, on a regular and ongoing basis. It reflects the advances we have made to share information with our members in a more convenient way. The Dispatch will be distributed at least every other month to member email inboxes, and will reflect topics and events that are of interest to members.

The Dispatch will also be available to the public in an effort to publicize the work that we do as professionals and to generate interest in our activities. It is our expectation that membership will increase, as a result of our greater efforts to draw attention to our work.

Information about our sponsors will be a part of the new format, continuing the practice of featuring the work and the services that our sponsors provide to local governments. In addition, the Dispatch will continue to encourage members to contribute to the Professional Development Fund and to nominate individuals for our Annual Awards, among other regular features.

Announcements regarding new members approved by the Board will continue to be sent separately to the members for review and comment prior to the proposed member’s final membership approval.

I would be remiss if I did not acknowledge the fine work that has been accomplished by my fellow executive board members, our very hard working Rutgers Team, and by Winning Strategies, our public relations consultant, in creating and implementing the Dispatch.  

As always, we welcome member feedback, as well as, your suggestions for improvements to this new format.  Most importantly, please feel free to suggest topics or items of interest that you would like to see in future editions of Member Dispatch and we will work with our consultant to develop your idea.

Best Regards,

Theresa Casagrande​
President, NJMMA