2. FEMA Authority Letter and Fact Sheets
                     4. FEMA Contract Provisions Template
  • FEMA Documents:
                    1. Contract Summary Record #1
                    2. Contract Summary Record #2
                    3. Force Account Labor Summar
                    4. Guidance for Remote Public Meetings in New Jersey
  1. Borough Hall Access Protocol
  2. Disaster Declaration
  3. Executive Order
  4. Health Emergency - Public Meeting Guidance

Various Presentations

  1. "Relief After the Rain: Why A Stormwater Utility Makes Municipal Good Sense" (Webinar: 4/29/21)
  2. Affordable Housing - From Compliance to Community Asset (Zoom Webinar: 2/23/21)

             a.) Webinar Recording (YouTube)

             b.) Creating a Community Asset (Frank Piazza)

             c.) Bergen County's United Way & Madeline Housing Partners, LLC (Thomas Toronto)

             d.) Making Our Communities Better Places to Live (Joseph Portelli)

        4. Salary Survey - 2019 (as published by the NJ State League of Municipalities)

General Library Documents

            1.) Security Response Plan for Cybersecurity Incidents

            2.) Technology Policy

            3.) JIF Minimum Technological Standards

                1.) Old Tappan

                2.) Wayne

  • Ordinance - Cranes

                 1.) Ordinance

                 2.) Flyer

                  1.) High Bridge
                  2.) Mount Olive
                  3.) Prospect Park