Membership is offered to individuals and not the municipality or entity they represent.

Membership in the Association shall include Full, Associate, Life, Honorary Life, Retired, Affiliate, Student, and General members. All members may participate in the educational and social activities of the Association, but only Full and Life members have voting privileges. 

The Association also has a Corporate Membership Program for representatives of business and commercial interests. For further information on this program, please contact the Executive Director of the Association.

New applicants shall file application forms with the Executive Director who shall present them to the Membership Committee. The Membership Committee will review them, discuss the request with the Applicant and present new applicants to the Executive Board at their next meeting. If the Executive Board approves, the candidacy for membership shall be published once in the Association Newsletter next following the meeting. If after thirty (30) days following publication, the Secretary has received no objections, then membership shall be considered granted to the applicant. If any member raises an objection, the matter shall be reviewed by the Executive Board whose decision shall be final.

Annual dues are effective from January 1 through December 31. The dues of a new member who joins on or after September will receive credit against the dues for the upcoming year.

  • Full Membership - $250 per year. Any person occupying a position as a municipal or county manager, administrator, assistant administrator, or deputy manager who agrees not to hold any elected or appointed political office while serving in such a position, and who has not held an elected office for the immediate 24 months prior to their application for Full Membership and who subscribes to the Code of Ethics in Article XV of the Constitution (approved by the membership in May 2014).
  • Associate Membership - $200 per year. Those who are active in local government and ascribe to strong professional management in local government and who would otherwise be eligible for Full Membership except that they have held an elected municipal, county, state, or federal office within the past 24 months.
  • Life Membership - Exempt from membership fees - May be conferred by the Executive Board of the Association by a two-thirds majority affirmative vote for a Full Member in good standing who retires or leaves the profession, and who meets certain criteria as outlined in Article V of the constitution.
  • Honorary Life Membership -  Exempt from membership fees - May be conferred by unanimous vote of the full Executive Board on individuals who have demonstrated through a career other than as professional Administrators or Managers in municipal government complete unwavering support for professional management of local government. Members shall be entitled to the same privileges bestowed on Life Members.
  • Retired Membership - $50 per year. Full or Associate members who have since retired but still wish to retain membership with the organization. Members in this category may participate in all programs and events of the Association but do not have the right to vote.
  • Affiliate Membership - $200 per year. Those serving in local government management personnel, state employees, and educators who agree not to hold any elected or appointed political office while serving in such a position.
  • General Membership - $25 per year - is open to members who were student members no longer eligible for 'student member' designation. A General Member is entitled to receive copies of the NJMMA newsletter, participate in all NJMMA meetings and conferences, is not eligible for membership in any other category but may serve on any committees that are not established by the By-Laws if selected by the Executive Board. General members can change their membership category if they are eligible to participate in different NJMMA membership category.
  • Student Membership - $20 per year. Student members are full or part-time students currently enrolled in a course of study that will lead to a collegiate degree in the public administration or related field. This category is applicable when the student and/or professional does not qualify in any other membership category.

By Mail

Completed application to Alan Zalkind, Executive Director, NJMMA, 3 Rutgers Plaza, 3rd Floor, New Brunswick, NJ 08901.

If you have any questions concerning the Association or membership, please contact Alan at 848-932-4761 or