This recommended ordinance is a blueprint for the proper administration and management of a municipality by placing in one centralized location the responsibility to insure that the municipality is operating in the most effective, responsible and honest way as possible and by giving the appointed administrator the authority to establish and carry out the policies necessary to accomplish these goals. The ordinance is written to be adopted by either a Township or Borough form of government although the ordinance format and various sections can also be used in other traditional forms of government (such as Village or Town) or in Special Districts where there is a need for centralized administration.

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A model policy and usage agreement prepared by Eric Bernstein, General Counsel for the Association, for consideration by all municipalities with extensive Internet access and usage. CLICK HERE for the policy.

Terms and Conditions of Employment - Model Letter

A tool to assist the membership and municipal officials who are negotiating an employment contract. The model letter outlines various terms and conditions of employment that may be appropriate for discussions between the potential new administrator/manager and the governing body as well as clauses that should be included in all employment agreements. The document may be downloaded by a member or any municipal officials for this use.

Please contact the Executive Director of the Association if there are specific questions concerning the suggestions contained in this letter.