Dear NJMMA Members:

Through the efforts of our media and marketing consultant, Winning Strategies, NJTV presented a piece on the role of the municipal manager in New Jersey on February 27th.  The episode highlighted Bloomfield and its manager, Matt Watkins.  Although the piece focused on Bloomfield, it was a testament to professional municipal managers like each of you.

It emphasized the difficulties and barriers that you face every day as well as the significant victories that you achieve.  To his credit, Matt also discussed the inaccurate and unfortunate public perceptions about public employees and the need to recognize their work and dedication to the public. 

The episode was a very important development in NJMMA’s history for a variety of reasons. 

  1. It was the culmination of the current and prior Boards’ aspirations to publicize the important work that managers do
  2. It adds to the status and stature of the Association and its members in terms of the criticality of professional management for local jurisdictions
  3. It provided an educational opportunity for the public (and some elected officials) who may not understand what managers do with respect to their essential responsibilities. 

I am sharing the link with you as it merits sharing and additional distribution: 


Alan Zalkind, Executive Director